1- Buildings:

 We provide turnkey construction projects that begin with earth – moving works, through to civil and structural works, architectural finishes, interior decoration, rehabilitation of existing buildings.


2- Water tanks, water supply network and water treatment : 

CHS is a civil engineering construction firm specialized in the fields of environmental engineering, hydraulics and their applications, it has been involved in projects such as water distribution and treatment, environmental impact assessment studies, feasibility studies, water resources planning, irrigation and drainage.


3- Construction of pumping station:

In addition to construction of pumping station, CHS services include on site surveys, pumps selection, pumps installation, and all necessary related civil and electrical works.

Our project consisted of variety of infrastructure systems, such as the supply of water to canals, drainage of low-lying land and removal of sewage to processing sites.


4- Sewage network installation and wastewater treatment plants:

CHS has been involved in projects such as:

• sewage network installation including trenches, piping and civil works
• Treatment plants including providing of biological and chemical process used to remove particles and       suspended solids.


5- Other specific tasks:

Other specific tasks that can be delivered by CHS include :

• Value engineering
• Project management
• Cost estimation
• Design
• Project time schedule
• Shop drawings


Russell, a professor of the history of science and technology, defines modularity as a concept that describes a particular kind of system.